Building a new home should be a fun and rewarding experience and we make every attempt to involve and engage each client as fully as they wish in the process, from the initial design to the selection of products that will complete the vision they have for the home of their dreams. When we all collaborate, the best possible project can be delivered to each client. We have an excellent record of completing our projects on schedule and on budget. Please feel free to ask for references from past clients to discover why we have succeeded building homes over the years in Central Oregon.



If your home just needs a facelift, we have extensive experience updating textures, colors, appliances and fixtures, even adding on a room or two. A well-conceived remodel can transform your home to give it the contemporary feel you want, while making it appear to be a seamless part the original. Upgrading doors, windows, and insulation can make your home more comfortable in any season, and provide energy savings as well. Every project, no matter how large or small, is given the attention it deserves, because it is, after all, your home. We recommend our customers contact us before they start planning their remodel, as a little input at the beginning can help them avoid costly mistakes as their remodel progresses.



Whether renovating your existing space or creating a new one, Spring River Builders has the experience and skills to create a space to fulfill your tenant needs. We have completed diverse commercial tenant improvements, from restaurants and retail stores to law and dental offices, and understand the requirements to meet your unique specifications.